Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things I'll likely never buy again

I say likely, because I am wise enough to know that absolutes are generally just disappointments waiting to happen.

For me, this whole homesteading idea and gardening thing is about slowing down just a bit, figuring out what we can do on our own, and what maybe we  can do without.  Here are three things I will be hard pressed to buy again:

Jam-  I blogged about my learning to make jam last summer and I am hooked.  For the last 7 months my family has happily had their jam needs met with delicious fruity goodness that was made with love and as little sugar as possible.  We had strawberry, peach, and blueberry.  I'm looking forward to working with new fruits as the season progresses.

Croutons- Dried crusty bread was an eye opening experience for me.  I blogged about it here, but the gist was simple-I wondered how I could readily become more self sufficient, how many of those things I rely on the supermarket to provide I could just make on my own.  Croutons is one of those I can easily do on my own with great results.

Yogurt- Inspired by the frugal girl, I gave yogurt making a whirl and was pleased by the results.  I used 1% milk as that is just what works for our family.  I let it set a bit more than 3 hours to get the set firmer.  I've also strained it to make Greek yogurt and then used the whey for smoothies for the smalls.  This is a bit time consuming, but so very cost effective.

Next on my radar is making soft cheeses like ricotta and mozzarella, so stay tuned.

What have you come to enjoy making on your own?  What do you hope to add to your skill set in the future?

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