Monday, March 18, 2013

Planting the garden, square foot style

We've begun planting two of our beds using the spacing guides suggested by square foot gardening.  The general idea is that you plant seeds in groups of 1, 4, 8, 9, or 16 per each square foot.  I made a simple template using a piece of scrapbook paper and a pencil to punch holes showing me where to plant.

For each square, I punched out the appropriate planting pattern and then planted and covered the seeds.  I used additional sheets of paper to help maintain spacing over the 4x8 bed.

Our beds are each 4 foot by 8 foot creating 32 square feet to work with.  In this bed we planted 3 squares each of red onions, white onions, garlic, turnips, radish, and kohlrabi and 6 squares of carrots.  When it warms up a bit more we will plant lemon cucumbers in the remaining 8 squares.

The second bed is for beans and peas and is being planted in a similar fashion.  The difference here is we are planting sections a few weeks apart in hopes of having a longer season to harvest.

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