Friday, March 1, 2013

The learning curve

The seeds for this idea planted themselves almost a year ago, and as we approach spring and the major planting season, we are well on our way.  Here are some highlights of what I've learned so far.

Don't over think it-It's important to be educated, but as with most things, the right and wrong way to do something is largely a matter of opinion and varies drastically depending on your growing region.

Double planting isn't for me-I'd seed the idea of planting carrots and lettuce in the same section of garden.  The idea is you can harvest the lettuce and then let the carrots finish growing.  The issue here is I planted a leaf lettuce that could be cut and harvested repeatedly so the carrots never got their time to shine and grow.

Sewing seeds carefully is worth the time-For our first bed I way over sewed the seeds with every intention of thinning it appropriately.  It turns out a suck at thinning the plants and would be better served to plant them more carefully.

Write things down-Our front room is covered in seedlings, we have things going into the ground already, we have big plans for the rest of it and it would be easy to lose track of things.

Connect with local resources-I first met folks from the Marin Master Gardeners at our local farmer's market.  They have a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to share that knowledge.  I've also found that the folks at our local nurseries and garden stores are deeply passionate about what they do and have tons of experience to draw on.

Be steadfast-Tending a garden is a slow process and takes awhile to reap the rewards.

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