Monday, March 25, 2013

The best laid plans

I have a 4x8 bed just outside my kitchen that I've been meaning to get planted for weeks.  Today was the day I went for it.  I planned the area out using square foot planting guidelines and went to work.

It was moving along swimmingly until I had help from the wind, a certain small that shall remain unnamed, and my own clumsiness.  I planned for an organized area with clear boundaries as to what I planted where.  That's not what I ended up with.  I know what I planted in the area, but it's going to have a more eclectic look than I had intended.

Notes to self for next time:
-wind and small seeds do not mix
-don't hold palm fulls of seeds while balancing precariously over the planting area
-don't leave seed packets and smalls unattended
-pay attention to the garden plan and try not to plant lettuce over the already planted arugula.

What planting mishaps have you encountered in your gardening adventures?

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