Thursday, May 9, 2013

Peas and Thank You

One of our beds is home to green beans and  sugar snap peas.  The beans are a bush and don't need support, but the peas require something to climb. There are endless options of things to build or buy.
I chose a simple frame made from left over wood from another project.  On that frame I strung jute twine and then looped a piece of twine around each  plant.

At first I was cutting the twine after each plant, but by the end I realized I could just run the twine along the ground between each plant.  The next morning I went to check on them and it turns out peas were born to climb.  Give them something to climb and the small tendrils will wrap tight and the plant moves upward.

I did find this process somewhat tedious, but it was inexpensive and when our growing season is over all I have to do is cut down the twine and toss everything into the compost. With a trellis I would have had to untangle the plants from the structure.  I know this about myself, I am better at front end preparation so this seemed like the way for me to go.  

Provide support for your climbing plants.  Your peas for one will thank you.

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