Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Seed Selections

Just before Christmas I stumbled upon a great blog Northwest Edible Life.  It is full of useful information for urban gardeners and it is written with just the right sense of humor for my taste.  We were deep in the seed selection process and actually experience stress over it when I read this post.  It takes a very even handed and thoughtful approach to seed selection.

The bulk of our seeds came from Botanical Interests for no other reason that their selection was ample without being overwhelming and their seeds packets are beautiful and contain a lot of very useful information about growing each plant.  We also purchased several seed packets from Totally Tomatoes.  They offered a better selection of hybrids that we wanted as well as several larger variety tomatoes.  We also have several seeds left from Cornucopia Seeds that I bought at our local Ace Hardware when we were rushing the calendar to get a garden in last fall.  In all, this is what our seed selection looks like.

Seed Year Source Notes
Arugula Rocket Salad 2013 Botanical Interests
Basil-Large Leaf Italian 2012 Botanical Interests
Beans-Blue Lake 2012 Cornucopia
Beans-Improved Tendergreen 2012 Cornucopia
 Beans-Trio   2013 Botanical Interests Bush bean yellow, green, purple
Beet-Early Wonder Tall Top 2012 Cornucopia
Beet-Ruby Queen 2012 Cornucopia
Beet-Early Wonder 2013 Botanical Interests
Beet-Gourmet Blend 2013 Botanical Interests Variety of colors
Borage 2013 Botanical Interests An edible flower that helps attact lots of bees
Buckwheat 2013 Botanical Interests A type of green manure to grow and turn back into the soil
Carrot-Calliope Blend 2013 Botanical Interests Multi Colored Carrots
Carrot-Little Finger 2012 Cornucopia
Carrot-Tendersweet 2012 Cornucopia
Chive 2013 Botanical Interests
Cilantro 2012 Botanical Interests
Cucumber-Lemon 2013 Botanical Interests
Cucumber-Orient Express II 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Dill 2013 Botanical Interests
Eggplant-Hansel Hybrid 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Kale-Italian Lacinato 2013 Botanical Interests
Kohlrabi-Purple White 2013 Botanical Interests
Leek-American Flag 2013 Botanical Interests
Lettuce-Buttercrunch 2012 Cornucopia
Lettuce-Mesclun Farmers Market Blend 2013 Botanical Interests
Onion-Flat of Italy 2013 Botanical Interests
Oregano 2013 Botanical Interests
Parsley 2012 Botanical Interests
Pea-Super Sugar Snap 2013 Botanical Interests
Pepper-Big Chile 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Pepper-Cayenne Purple 2013 Totally Tomatoes A free packet that came with our order
Pepper-La Bomba Hybrid 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Pepper-Rainbow Blend Bell 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Radish-Cherry Belle 2013 Botanical Interests
Radish-Easter Egg Blend 2013 Botanical Interests
Rutabaga 2013 Botanical Interests
Sage 2013 Botanical Interests
Spinach-Correnta Hybrid 2012 Cornucopia
Squash-Easypick Zucchini 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Squash-Sunny Delight Scallop 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Swiss Chard-Bright Lights 2013 Botanical Interests
Swiss Chard-Fordhook 2012 Cornucopia
Thyme 2013 Botanical Interests
Tomato-Big Zac 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Tomato-Brandywine Red/Yellow 2012 Botanical Interests These did not produce well in 2012, but they were SO tasty.  It's worth another go.
Tomato-Goliath 2013 Totally Tomatoes
Tomato-Heirloom Cherry Blend 2013 Totally Tomatoes A free packet that came with our order
Tomato-Supersweet 100 2012 Botanical Interests Bite size goodness in plentiful amounts.  Perferct for the smalls to eat off the plant.
Turnip 2013 Botanical Interests

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